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Established 2009, we still play straightforward Punk Rock !


// Guitar

Without behaving, always with holes in his socks and under constant steam. When he's not playing the guitar, he's playing with his beard.

Without doubt: Fab is the last punk of the Luckys alive.


// Guitar // Vocals

Because he can't count, Diva somehow plays the guitar and sings to himself.

Only with a proper backing band, his strange ideas turn into good songs.

Without doubt: Diva is by far the craziest Lucky alive.


// Bass

Too skilled to play guitar, too untalented to play drums...

he is the one who has to play the bass.

From time to time you can hear his voice roaring in the background.

Without doubt: Pat is the most handsome Lucky alive.


// Drums

Counting to four for decades, only his punch has evolved.

Ali seeks proximity to younger artists in order to feel younger than he is.

Without doubt: Ali is the oldest Lucky alive.

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